Wedding Cake Toppers: Their Types, Variants, and Ingredients

You probably have seen cake toppers …well, almost everywhere. When you attend birthday parties, when you go to a friend’s wedding event, or even when you buy a cupcake, you see the interesting and adorable cake toppers. Do you know that a cake topper can really make a difference in the atmosphere and total outcome of the cake? In case you are interested in planning your own wedding party, and you want to make a statement in an elegant but fun ways, you can always choose funny wedding cake toppers.

The cake toppers can be coming in various styles and shapes, such as text and photos, figurines (whether it is animal or human), flowers, and so many more. They can also be made from various materials, like acrylic, edible substance, and even metal. The cake toppers are quite affordable and they are unbelievably versatile; you can even have custom order if you want to. But keep in mind that custom requires extra spending and money, as well as extra effort, times, and energies.

Why Cake Toppers?

Of course you can always choose the wedding cake alone without the topper, but what’s the fun in it? After all, the cake topper makes a silent but strong statement about what kind of message you want to send to the guests. By choosing funny cake toppers, you can want to deliver a message that you are funny, whimsical, daring, and adventurous. You aren’t afraid in choosing something different; something that is unusual. In fact, you don’t really like something that is so ordinary and common like others.

The cake topper can be the entertainment part. You can amuse friends, families, and relatives – well, basically all your guests – while entertaining yourself. You can make the event memorable and unforgettable. The more unique the topper is, the more unforgettable your event will be. For instance, if you always dream of becoming a spy, you can have a cake topper depicting yourself as a spy, while protecting your loved one. This is witty, clever, and funny – not to mention also hilarious and right on spot.

One thing about wedding cake topper is the fact it is highly versatile and personalized. You can have the cake toppers with similar dress that you are wearing on the big day, for example, or you can choose a topper with the bride looking upset holding items that she dislikes while the groom looks guilty and scared. Even the smallest expressions can really imitate your personality and characteristics – which makes the wedding cake toppers very interesting and appealing.

Different Materials for the Cake Toppers

As it was mentioned before, the cake toppers can be made of different materials. Each one has their own perks and flaws, so it doesn’t hurt to learn about them so you know which one is higher in quality and which one is the most expensive.

• Acrylic. Disposable acrylic is the cheapest one, and it is quite long lasting – in case you decide that you want to keep it and have it wrapped within a box for memento. The most common types are the diamante or rhinestone toppers. Although most acrylic toppers are quite good, you can’t really depend on the quality since it can’t be considered high quality.

• Metal. Thanks to the durability and sturdiness, metal topper is generally more expensive. In case you want to keep the topper and then re-use it again (not for the purpose of safekeeping), this is the best option to make. Since there are so many different metals that you can use for the topper, just make sure that you choose food-safe and lead-free cake topper. If you want to keep it and re-use it, you want to choose a metal that won’t tarnish after a while.

• Glass. There are some perks of having glass toppers. They are inexpensive, elegant, and beautiful. They can also be kept and then be re-used. However, be sure to choose lead-free glass. Glass is mostly delicate and fragile, so you should handle it with care.

• Ceramic. This is one of the most expensive toppers, but it can be stored and treasured. They are high in quality, but since they are prone to break, you should be careful about it.

• Edible toppers. As the name suggests, you can eat the topper – well, if you don’t mind eating the figurines used to represent you. Edible toppers are generally made on two main substances: wafer paper and icing or sugar. These edible toppers can be shaped, printed, or even airbrushed to meet your requirements. Edible type is certainly whimsical and fun, but since it is not made for safekeeping, the quality isn’t too good or long lasting.

Different Types of Edible Cake Toppers

Edible cake topper can be made into different types and variants, covering:

• Clay cake topper. This kind of topper is generally handmade; not designed or shaped with machines. Most edible toppers are made of almost similar substances and ingredients, but one type has more of this, and the other one has more of that – simple tit and tat factor. Making clay cake topper seems easy, but it actually requires skills and expertise. The price of the cake toppers depend on the details of the finish. The more detailed it is, the more expensive it will be – especially if it is a custom order. However, clay cake topper is generally extra cute and adorable, so you can expect loads of fun when you choose one for your wedding cake.

• Gum Paste and Pastillage cake topper. Pastillage dries pretty quickly, so the maker should work fast to come up with perfect and flawless result. Gum paste is basically almost the same as the pastillage, but it dries rather slowly – not as fast as the pastillage. Gum paste is generally used in 3D design.

• Fondant cake topper. It is friendly to your taste palate and somewhat more pliable, but it can’t be as hard as pastillage or gum paste, so when the maker want the design to dries off quickly and stay rigid, they will add a little part of gum paste.